SweepTec automatic frequency control for SONOREX ultrasonic baths

SweepTec is the automatic frequency control for modulating the working frequency of an ultrasonic device.
is designated. Approximately every 10 ms, the operating frequency is changed by ±1 kHz. SweepTec is an integral part of the automatic power control of the HF generators of the SONOREX SUPER, SONOREX DIGITEC, SONOREX DIGIPLUS and some SONOREX TECHNIK series.
A nominal frequency is specified in the technical data for the ultrasonic units. For efficient ultrasonic use, operation at the correct ultrasonic working frequency is important. For this, the unit components must be optimised and tuned so that they always produce the best working frequency, even with changing loads due to load, level, temperature and liquid. During operation, the working frequency can deviate considerably from the nominal frequency due to SweepTec.
Rigid operating frequencies in ultrasonic units can lead to standing waves in the ultrasonic bath under unfavourable conditions. Standing waves create inhomogeneous sonication and, in the worst case, can damage sensitive cleaning objects. The targeted, very fast frequency changes of the SweepTec automatic frequency control create a particularly homogeneous, uniform ultrasonic field in the entire bath volume. The homogeneous ultrasonic effect due to the permanent change of the cavitation maxima by SweepTec leads to a better ultrasonic effect and avoids damage to sensitive cleaning objects. SweepTec is permanently switched on during ultrasound delivery because it is not harmful.
In DEGAS mode, SweepTec supports the degassing of the liquid. Occasional whistling noises in large-volume ultrasonic baths are not affected by SweepTec.

Frequency response of the SweepTec
Result of the foil test when using the SweepTec

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