The robust stainless steel housing is easy to clean and protected against dripping water

Water spray protection IP 33

due to permanently connected mains cable and liquid-tight housing front

Power setting

from 20% to 100%

User-friendly handling

A user-friendly and easy-to-wipe button control is used to easily set the cleaning time and bath temperature

Time setting

Time setting 1 - 15 min, ± 5 %, continuous operation (∞),


for continuous sound field oscillation for even and gentle cleaning

Double trough version

Intensive cleaning and rinsing at the same time or 2x cleaning or 2x rinsing

Short-term ultrasound addition

automatic during heating to avoid boiling delay, can be switched off

Size selection

A variety of different sizes - the right product for every area of application


H types with adjustable temperature range 30 - 80 °C, RK 31 H with heater 65 °C - fixed setting

Safety shutdown

automatically 12 hours after last keystroke

Water outlet

From RK 102 H, the ultrasonic baths have a drain for easier emptying

Automatic safety shutdown

12 hours after last keystroke

Low maintenance

The ultrasonic system and the control system are maintenance-free, the vacuum pump is serviced annually.

Digital control unit

Ergonomically designed user interface, hygienic touchscreen operation


with minute preselection or continuous operation


Operating voltage 230 V~ (±10 %), alternatively 115 V~ (±10 %), 50/60 Hz


Serial interface and remote control connection for external control of the generator


Height-adjustable feet to compensate for uneven surfaces

Medical device class I

Low invasiveness and low risk

Made in Germany

Production location Germany since 1955

Fixed mains cable

Avoidance of short circuit hazard


Also for low cleaning volume

Simple set up

Plug in the mains plug (three-phase current), connect waste water connection, ready for operation


Noise reduction by approx. 30 dB (AU)

Quality management

in production according to EN ISO 13485

Reproducible programme sequence

Temperature monitoring with warning function Log function

air-cooled cooling unit

Compact and powerful - ultrasound and cooling in one unit


For optimally coordinated ultrasonic cleaning, matching baskets, lids and cleaning and disinfection concentrates are available as accessories

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