BactoSonic BS 14.2 Set

Ultrasonic bath


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Increase in reproducibility
Clarification of the diagnosis
Improvement of the subsequent therapy


Special ultrasonic bath for the gentle removal of biofilms

The success of treatment for implant infections depends on precise microbiological diagnosis. Because microorganisms form biofilms on parts foreign to the body, they are often difficult to detect in surrounding tissue. Therapy is therefore only possible to a limited extent.
With the help of the BactoSonic ultrasonic special bath, biofilms can be gently removed from the surface of an infected implant. Compared to other ultrasonic baths, the device works with low-frequency ultrasound at low intensity. This means that the detached microorganisms are not destroyed, but are preserved for subsequent, mircobiological analysis.
According to the scientifically based procedure, the implant is placed in a box included in the scope of delivery, covered with liquid and sonicated in the BactoSonic ultrasonic special bath. The liquid obtained is processed microbiologically and the amount of bacteria is quantified. Up to 10,000 times more bacteria can be detected than with usual methods, such as from biopsies of periprosthetic tissue. Mixed infections and different bacterial morphotypes become more detectable. Sensitivity is improved, especially in patients with previous antibiotic therapy.

Ready to use set
"BactoSonic BS 14.2":
- Ultrasonic bath BS 14.2
- Frame for foil test
- Process instruction
- Concentrate for the preparation of the contact liquid
TICKOPUR R 33 250 ml
- Polypropylene implant boxes
2 pcs. IB 5 0,52 l
2 pcs. IB 6 0,6 l
1 pc. IB 10 1.0 l
1 pc. IB 18 1,8 l
1 pc. IB 20 2.0 l
- Box supports BT 5, BT 6, BT 10,
BT 18 made of polycarbonate,
- Device holder
GH 14 stainless steel

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