Ultrasonic bath for installation


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With rotary handle operation
For 1/1 Din baskets
Sloping tank bottom
With filling level marking
Space-saving installation


High-performance ultrasonic baths for installation with bottom and side sound

Equipment features
- User-friendly rotary handle operation on the front panel
- Filling level marking for safe filling
- Sloping tub bottom for easy emptying and rounded tub corners for hygienic care
- Size suitable for 1/1 DIN baskets

The space-saving and simple installation in the worktop creates an unobstructed working area. The design with simultaneous floor and side sound
enables optimal sound distribution and reduction of sound shadows. Optimal cleaning is achieved even without oscillation and movement of the instrument basket. The electronically generated sound field movements through TwinSonic® technology reduce local effect peaks.
Thanks to automatic SweepTec® frequency control, the ultrasonic effect is constantly adapted to the bath conditions and an intensive and gentle cleaning effect is achieved for particularly sensitive micro instruments.

Additional information

Weight 22,577 kg
Order number

Inner dimension L [mm]

Inner dimension B [mm]

Inner dimension T [mm]

Capacity [l]

Work content [l]

Level marking

Tub material

Tub thickness [mm]

Shape of the tub corners


Tub floor

Outer dimension oscillating weight L [mm]

Outer dimension swing H [mm]

Outer dimension swing w. B [mm]

Degree of protection oscillating tank

Ultrasonic peak power [W]

Nominal ultrasonic power [W]

Ultrasound frequency [kHz]

Transducer number Tub bottom

Number of oscillators on the tub side


Time setting [min]

Operating voltage [V]

Mains cable

Packing Length [mm]

Packing Width [mm]

Packing depth [mm]

Data sheet

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