SONOSHAKE ultrasonic bath with motion unit


Perfect for particle-related sample preparation
Combination of ultrasound and shaking movement

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Ready-to-use set consisting of high-performance ultrasonic bath SONOREX DIGITEC DT 1028 F and shaker attachment SA 1028

Please order the required mounting clamps EK 10 - EK 250 for laboratory flasks separately.

The SONOSHAKE offers a wide range of applications for sample preparation in many areas of analysis, e.g. in environmental and food analysis as well as in medical diagnostics. The ultrasonic bath has a footprint of 500 mm x 300 mm, a well depth of only 65 mm and is thus ideal for sonication of samples in laboratory flasks. The samples can be sonicated both in a defined time and in continuous operation. Rapid degassing via DEGAS function is also possible. The shaking attachment allows gentle to strong horizontal movement up to a maximum of 20 mm through four different shaking frequencies. Both processes can be carried out simultaneously or separately. For example, pre-homogenisation can be achieved with a defined shaking frequency and final homogenisation with ultrasound in a significantly shorter time.

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