Plaster and alginate remover, ready for use

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Ready for use
Removes plasters and alginates
Very high material compatibility, also for light metals
High cleaning effect in the ultrasonic bath


Plaster and Alginate Remover

Ready-to-use solution for plaster and alginate removal for medical instruments, accessories, tools and components of medical devices used for impression taking and modelling in the dental field. For use in ultrasonic bath and immersion bath processes.

The preparation is used in the process of instrument and accessory cleaning in the dental practice and in the area of component, instrument and tool cleaning in the dental laboratory.

At a glance
- Ready for use
- Removes plasters and alginates
- Very high material compatibility, conditionally for light metals
- Biodegradable
- High cleaning effect in the ultrasonic bath

Material compatibility and impurities
STAMMOPUR AG has a very high material compatibility.
Due to the formulation in the mild-alkaline range, the preparation itself is conditionally suitable for light metals.
Light metals and their alloys must be tested for resistance before use.

- Gypsums
and alginates

From the following materials
- Metal,
- light metals to a certain extent,
- Titanium,
- Glass,
- Porcelain,
- Ceramics,
and plastic.

The exclusively professional users are trained specialists.

STAMMOPUR AG has a high cleaning effect on specific impurities such as gypsum and alginates.

Dental plasters are dissolved with the formation of bubbles. If the bubble formation decreases, the solution must be exchanged.

Alginates are dissolved by STAMMOPUR AG and can be easily lifted off the instrument, e.g. impression tray, after the exposure time or rinsed down with a strong water jet.

The application is carried out either in an ultrasonic bath or in an immersion bath.

Dosage and contact time
in ultrasonic bath: undiluted
without ultrasound: undiluted

Exposure time:
in ultrasonic bath: 3-10 min
without ultrasound: 15-120 min

Temperature: 20 60°C

Composition per 100g:
> 10 % Complexing agent (EDTA),
1-< 10 % Citric acid, 1-< 10 % Carbonates, 0,1-< 1.0 % amphoteric surfactants Product pH range: mildly alkaline Application without further dilution. Additives must not be mixed into the cleaning solution. Special notes Adhesives (bonding agents or adhesives) are not removed. Do not treat optics, light guides and bonded parts with ultrasound. Hazard statements H318 Causes serious eye damage. Safety advice P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if possible. Continue to rinse.

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