SONOREX TECHNIK VORTEX WR 4-1604.02 Vortex reactor, 1600 W, 40 kHz


High-intensity sonication in the reaction gap
Good mixing due to turbulence
Optimum homogenisation

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The defined flow of the liquid medium to be sonicated through a double slit in the BANDELIN vortex reactor guarantees homogeneous sonication on the particularly cavitation-intensive inner surface of the reactor tube and in the intensive sound field in the area of the double slit. An additional swirling of the medium to be sonicated as it enters the reactor tube further improves homogenisation.

The vortex reactor is used for the following applications:

- Intensification of industrial, biotechnological and chemical processes in suspension, emulsification, deagglomeration, reaction acceleration, degassing
- Intensive degassing of dye and photographic casting solutions
- CO2 degassing from aqueous reactants
- Support of disinfection (bacteria killing) in water and waste water treatment
- Sterilisation of organic ingredients in industrial rinsing liquids for reuse
- Support for the disinfection of germ- and parasite-contaminated fish farm circuit water
- Manufacture of ultra-fine polishing pastes for the wafer industry
- Homogenising colour pigments in oil (paint production)

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