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Clean money changer

Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning money changers and coin-operated machines.

After a long period of use, the mechanical components of coin counters and money changers become sluggish due to deposits and lose their reliability. The soiling consists mainly of dust and the applied lubrication. For the payment process to run smoothly, the cash registers must therefore undergo regular maintenance. Due to the complex construction of the mechanical parts of the coin dispensers, cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaning device is the best solution here. With an ultrasonic bath and the appropriate cleaning agent, even hard-to-reach areas of the coin-operated machines can be cleaned extremely thoroughly and the maintenance intervals can be significantly extended compared to conventional cleaning methods.

After intensive ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication, the money changers regain their original performance.

Moneychanger1 Moneychanger_ultrasonic_cleaner

Ultrasound cleaning

Temperature: 55 °C

Duration: 10-15 min

Cleaning preparation:


Dosage: 5 %

Followed by rinsing with city water

and drying

Especially for the cleaning of money changers and coin-operated machines, BANDELIN offers a complete solution that has proven itself with many users - cleaning with high-performance ultrasound. The money changers are placed for a few minutes at 50 - 60 °C in a SONOREX ultrasonic cleaner with the biodegradable cleaning concentrate TICKOPUR R 33 and are thus gently and environmentally friendly freed from dirt deposits. The ultrasound generates microscopically small bubbles which, when they implode, gently remove the dirt even from hard-to-reach places. After rinsing and drying, coin-operated machines function reliably again. This gentle cleaning method significantly extends the service life, saves time and money and significantly increases reliability. Ultrasonic cleaners in various sizes and a wide range of accessories are available for high cleaning volumes.

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