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Ultrasonic cleaning of cosmetic accessories

Health protection is always a top priority in cosmetic procedures and is becoming increasingly important. During treatment, for example with permanent make-up, the skin is injured by punctures, which is associated with an increased risk of infection. To prevent the spread of transmissible diseases and to protect customers and pigmenters, particular focus must be placed on hygiene. In addition to surface disinfection of shelves and furniture, safe reprocessing of tools is of high importance. Small tools such as pigmentation needles, needle guides and other accessories can be cleaned and chemically disinfected with an ultrasonic bath. The procedure ensures the effective removal of contaminants such as blood, saliva and skin flakes. Treatment in an ultrasonic bath is gentle on materials, saves time and is more economical in the long term than using disposable products.

Cleaning - Disinfection - Sterilisation

The use of an ultrasonic bath is recommended for cleaning the instruments. For example, the ultrasonic bath SONOREX RK 31 and the cleaning preparation TICKOPUR R 33 are optimally suited. After cleaning, the instruments are rinsed with tap water to remove residues of the cleaning agent and carefully dried. This is followed by disinfection with a suitable instrument disinfectant and finally sterilisation (e.g. steam sterilisation).

As an alternative, STAMMOPUR 24 can be used for cleaning and chemical disinfection.


Ultrasound cleaning

Cleaning preparation:
TICKOPUR R 33, dosage: 5 %, 1 - 10 min
Temperature: Room temperature

Cleaning and disinfecting preparation:
STAMMOPUR 24, dosage: 2 %, 5 min
Temperature: Room temperature

Rinse: City water, flowing

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