Do not use flammable liquids in ultrasonic baths!

For all BANDELIN ultrasonic baths, it is prescribed in the relevant documentation not to use flammable, explosive and non-aqueous liquids or azeotropic mixtures directly in the stainless steel oscillating tank.

If the sonication is carried out indirectly in the insert cup or in the insert tray, the use of small quantities of flammable liquids in compliance with the 

DGUV Information 213-850 
(Safe working in laboratories - Fundamentals and guidance)

TRGS 526
(Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances)

DGUV Regulation 109-010
(Guidelines for equipment for cleaning workpieces with solvents)

DGUV Regulation 113-001
(Explosion protection regulations)

The user himself is responsible for the current versions of these instructions. No claim to completeness.

SONOREX ultrasonic baths do not comply with these guidelines.

Ultrasound heats liquids in the oscillating tank even without additional heating. Non-aqueous liquids heat up approx. 4 × faster than water. A possible flash point can be reached and/or exceeded after very short sonication. In the case of high-boiling liquids (with and without flash point), the bath temperature can rise to >120 °C due to the energy input of the ultrasound, which can lead to irreparable damage to the ultrasonic bath.

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