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Clean radiator

Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning charge air coolers and oil coolers.

Deposits of dust, lime, rust, oil and other dirt reduce the permeability of the fine cooling fins of an intercooler or oil cooler. Cooling can no longer be guaranteed with the reduced air flow and reduces the performance of the cooler until it fails completely.

To restore the original heat conduction of the heat exchangers, they must be thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner allows cleaning even between the cooling fins without mechanically damaging them.

Radiator_before_cleaning Radiator_after_ultrasonic_cleaning1

Ultrasound cleaning

Temperature: 60 °C

Duration: 10-15 min

Cleaning preparation:


Dosage: 10 %

Especially for the cleaning of radiators, BANDELIN offers a complete solution that has proven itself with many users - cleaning with high-performance ultrasound. The charge air or oil coolers are placed in a SONOREX TECHNIK ultrasonic bath with the biodegradable cleaning concentrate TICKOPUR R 33 for a few minutes at 50 - 60 °C and the dirt deposits are gently removed in an environmentally friendly manner. The ultrasound creates microscopically small bubbles which, when they implode, gently remove the dirt even from hard-to-reach places. After the cleaned radiators have been rinsed, dried and installed, they function reliably again. For a high volume of cleaning, ultrasonic baths or high-performance oscillating systems are available in various sizes as well as a wide range of accessories.

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Further practical tips and assistance for our ultrasonic baths and their use can be found in our Knowledge Base under Practical Tips. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding the devices or their use.

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