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Cleaning headlights

Ultrasonic baths for cleaning stage spotlights.

Powerful stage spotlights add a special sparkle to an excellent performance. The basic prerequisite for optimal illumination is well-maintained and clean lighting technology.

Floodlights and profilers in particular are often operated in environments containing particles or are soiled by insects during open-air performances. The high temperatures on the spotlight surface lead to coking of the dirt particles and can only be removed insufficiently with simple cleaning methods.

The cleaning of lenses and reflectors in an ultrasonic bath, in combination with an alkaline cleaning preparation, enables a thorough and gentle cleaning of the dismantled lamp parts. Thus, the original light output can be restored and the performance can begin.

Reflector_before_Ultrasound_Cleaning_2 Reflector_after_ultrasonic_cleaning_2-2

Ultrasound cleaning

Temperature: 40 °C, duration: 5-10 min depending on degree of soiling

Cleaning preparation:
TICKOPUR R 33, dosage: 5 %

Rinse: City water, flowing

Drying: e.g. compressed air

Example application in the video

We have put together an overview of sample cleanings for you to carry out an optimal US cleaning.

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